Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Quilts!

OK, haven't posted in forever. My bad. However, I have been a wee bit productive lately.

First, I have two more rag quilts completed. These were finished at the end of winter. One for each of my oldest two daughters. And my youngest has her order in, we've chosen fabric and I need to get it started. Here is the 3rd one I worked on, in blues/greens/aqua for my oldest daughter:

And here is the last one I did, or rag quilt #4. This was for my middle daughter in pinks and greens, mostly Amy Butler fabric:

Also, completed my first REAL pieced quilt. I followed AmandaJean's Ragged Squares Quilt pattern from her Crazymom Quilts blog and it was a lot of fun. Scary, but fun!!! Lots of Monaluna Mingle fabric in this quilt and I just finished it last week.

And last, I've started a Downy's Quilts for Kids quilt. It's a cute dinosaur theme. If you haven't heard of this charity, do check it out. They send you a whole kit of pre-cut fabric to make a small quilt for a sick child. You just need to provide the batting. They ask that you create a quilt of your own as well, but I don't think that is required. Pictures coming soon for the dinosaur quilt!